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Published: 2017-04-03 at 14:26
Edited: 2017-04-25 at 20:04
Anja Babić visited Consiglio...

During February and March of 2017, Anja Babić was a guest researcher at the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Institute for research of intelligent systems for automation (ISSIA) where she was supervised by Dr. Marco Bibuli and Massimo Caccia.

The main results of the staff exchange are available in the detailed news content. The research plan and report for the visit are available in the repository.

Main results accomplished during and shortly after staff exchange are:

  • Development and simulation of an algorithm for task distribution and scheduling for multiple robotic agents based on differential evolution
  • Development of a simulation testbed for the purposes of energy management and exchange within the H2020 project subCULTron artificial robotic ecosystem
  • Analysed results will be presented as a joint conference paper
Anja Babić
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 691980.